Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Trail Half | Marathon

Sun 13th Aug 2017 | Salisbury, Wiltshire | SP2 7TN
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As well as the marathon and half there are several other distances that runners can take part in including an ultra and 10k. Walkers are also welcome to join in.

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The Course

A glorious off road scenic route through historic Wessex with several rivers, ancient forests, 4 hills, 3 large country estates, 2 castles and 1 cathedral with Englands largest spire. There is a mixed terrain of quiet park roads, bridleways and paths.

Runners tackling the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 course
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Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Trail Half | Marathon Race Reviews

LW (2016 race)

Signing up was very simple. I had to email the organiser on 3 separate occasions and had a courteous prompt reply every time. On the day parking was ample and right next to the start/finish. Registration was well organised. The actual start was on time and on we went. The scenery was stunning all the way along. The estate that was opened especially for us was glorious. The Marshall were all friendly. The route was well signposted.

All in all I loved this race. It had a cracking atmosphere, great scenery and fab marshalls. I knocked half a mark off because the first aid station and the mid point food hadn't been set up for various reasons otherwise it would have been full marks.

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