Swiss Alpine Half | Marathon

Sun 29th July 2018 | Bergun, Switzerland
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There are several races to choose from including a half (K21) and two marathon courses - the C42 and the more challenging K42. The races are billed as Europe's highest with constant ascents and descents (more going up though!) The high altitude and rough mountain track makes it even more difficult.

The Course

The K42 starts in the charming town of Bergun. Runners climb steadily for 10 miles before reaching Keschutte at 2700m, then on to (and upwards) to the Sertig Pass and down into the beautiful Sertig Valley before descending into Davos - a small town at 1560m and a stadium finish. The C42 is slightly less severe starting in Davos and finishing in Bergun. The K21 starts on the majestic Sunniberg Bridge, taking runners steadily upwards through meadows and forest for the first 10k until raching Laret. The course levels off before another ascent to Davos and the final 3km stretch to the stadium.

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