Tallinn Half | Marathon

Sun 9th Sep 2018 | Tallinn, Estonia
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Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It is a beautiful city with many highlights including the Old Town, the city wall with its towers, Freedom Square, several green parks and a picturesque seaside. Tallinn is an ancient and modern city between the East and the West and is on the UNESCO world heritage list. As well as the half and full marathon there is a 10k that runners can take part in. Interestingly the day of the race has been declared a 'car free day' by the local officials!

The Course

The main distance is 42.2 km, but in addition the program includes a half-marathon and a 10 km distance as well. Both the half and full marathon start and finish at the beautiful Freedom Square. The race course runs around Old Town and along the edge of the sea. The course has a simple profile and beautiful views of the sea and the city. Weather conditions are usually comfortable for running – usually not raining with a temperature of between 15-18C.

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