The Liversedge Half Marathon

Feb 2019 | Date TBA | Liversedge, West Yorkshire
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The Liversedge half marathon is organised by the very enthusiastic Roberttown Runners who offer a cup of tea and a nice piece of cake at the end for what is a challenging but rewarding race. This is definately not a stroll in the park and although your calves may ache on the Monday it will definately be worth it as you'll be able to tell your colleagues how great you are.

The Course

Liversedge course

The first 5 miles are mainly downhill which may lead you into a false sense of security. Watch out! The race gets tougher as it goes on and the relatively easy first few miles give way to touch hills that are almost as difficult to come down as they are to go up. Flat sections are a rarity. A few prior hill training sessions will help you get through this one.