Turin Marathon

Oct 2018 | Date TBA | Turin, Italy
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Turin is located predominantly on the left bank of the River Po in northern Italy. The city has a rich culture and history and has an abundance of art galleries, churches and palaces. Turin is well known for its baroque, rococo, neo-classical, and Art Nouveau architecture. Many of the city's public squares, castles, gardens and elegant palazzi such as Palazzo Madama, were built in the 16th and 18th century. The Turin marathon offers the 2000 runners stunning views of the surrounding snowcapped mountains with plenty of support from the residents of the many small villages that the course runs through.

The Course

The race starts at Piazza Castello - a looped fast course that passes several beautiful villages such as Moncalieri, Nichelino, Beinasco and Collegno before returning to the finish at Piazza Castello.

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